Raumsonnen fördern durch die Interferenz und durch das Schaumglas die Infrarotstrahlung und sind daher gegen Schimmelbildung und sehr gesund
Raumsonnen können das Wohlbefinden fördern


Health aspects


Room suns heat up by more than 50% infrared radiation and only by low convection the contents (furniture, walls etc.) of the living space, which prevents the displacement of air bubbles in the room and thus the circulation of dust and / or mites. This makes it the ideal heating system for people with allergies, respiratory diseases or asthma. Heating with room suns could reduce or completely prevent anxiety and stress, chronic fatigue and depression. The infrared rays of the room suns could effectively help with treatments and therapies for pain, contractures, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. as well as their vasodilatory effect on the circulation and muscular stretching. The infrared rays of the Raumsonnen can help to improve the immune system, thanks to the activation of cells and an improvement of the blood circulation,. 


die Infrarotwellen entwickeln durch den Einsatz des Schaumglas eine Interferenz und vervielfachen den aktiven Infrorotanteil
Infrarotwellen in der Interferenz



Significantly higher efficiency thanks to

Wavebreaker Technology


The proportion of health-promoting infrared radiation in electric heaters is generally well below 35% of the total radiant heat. The rest is normal convection radiation, which only heats the air. In contrast, infrared rays heat the objects, walls, etc. of the room to be heated. According to the expert opinion of the University of Kaiserslautern, the room suns produced by us have an infrared radiation component of more than 50% and are therefore far better in use. By installing the Waverbreaker in the Raumsonnen achieve this with the same power consumption significantly more heating power. This can result in your energy costs being significantly reduced.


Raumsonnen sind gegen Schimmelbildung und helfen bei Rheuma,Gicht , Herzproblemen wegen der hohen Interferenz der Infrarotstrahlen
Raumsonnen bringen Behaglichkeit in jedes Heim


Healthy room climate


Room suns only generate very little air circulation and heat up the room indirectly. This does not dry out the ambient air and prevents the so-called stratification of the room air which creates a more pleasant heat. When infrared waves strike the walls, they heat them superficially, just like the rest of the surrounding matter. This helps to reduce moisture and thus prevents the spread of fungi. When using the room suns the usual condensation moisture disappears - wet or even wet windows and walls are a thing of the past. Infrared radiation does not emit gases, odors, sounds or vibrations. When using our Raumsonnen is no longer perceived as a pleasant and warm feeling of warmth. Enjoy the pleasant feeling of solar heat in your rooms soon.



Interferenz gesteuerte Raumsonnnen sind leicht montierbar und helfen dann gegen Schimmelbildung und verhindern Rheuma und Herzprobleme
Kinderleichte Montage der Raumsonnen


Operation and assembly made easy


A drill, a meter stick and a screwdriver - you will not need more for the easy installation of the RSL Raumsonnen. We deliver the fastening material to you. Two holes drilled in the wall, dowels and hooks are enough to make sure your RSL room sun is firmly seated in the right place. As soon as the plug is in the socket, it gets warm in the room. Heat is regulated with the supplied thermostat. Easy installation, pleasant warmth - RSL Raumsonnen, what else? 



Raumsonnen mit Schaumglas verbaut helfen gegen Schimmelbildung, Rheuma, Herzkranheiten durch die hohe Infrarotstrahlung und durch die Interferenz
Sicherheit für die Investition




With the purchase of an RSL Raumsonne you acquire a product that has been carefully manufactured in a modern production facility in Germany. All quality and safety standards have been checked In addition, all our Raumsonnen are equipped with the special technology. With a room sun from RSL Raumsonnen24 KG you have a high-quality, everyday use and particularly innovative and safe product. With RSL Raumsonnen you can feel comfortable and safe.


 We guarantee that.